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November 16, 2017

Entrepreneurs are typically full of self-belief and even arrogance about their own abilities. They have to be, it’s what makes what they do possible, it’s an essential component of an entrepreneurial make-up. But it can also blind them to reality.

And I invite all entre...

July 13, 2017

We upgrade our phones obsessively, why not our thinking?

May 24, 2017

I’m going to go out on a limb and assert that most people reading this won’t have a clear and immediate answer to that question. And even if you think you do, you’re unlikely to have a high level of specific clarity around that answer. Whether in a cultural, corporate...

April 19, 2017

Have you ever had that experience where someone attempts to explain their job to you and you’re left totally none the wiser?

Example: “We leverage our clients’ non-core assets to ensure maximum market visibility.”

Say what?! I mean frankly I don’t know whether this perso...

March 7, 2017

Our brains come somewhat unhelpfully pre-loaded with something the psychologists call the “negative bias”.  Very simply put, our evolutionary biology has hard-wired our brains not only to lean towards a negative response when there’s one available to us, but also to am...

January 26, 2017

The weird thing about being a leader is that you probably don’t really see yourself as one. Most likely, you spend at least some of your time doubting yourself, telling yourself you’re not enough and giving far too much credence to your inner critical dialogue, along w...

December 14, 2016

All our relationships are based on the nature of our communication, much of that communication relies on spoken language, and spoken language is made up of the words we each choose to string together. Pretty obvious, right? But critically it means that our specific cho...

November 24, 2016

I'm always intrigued when people say to me, "I need to think about it".  What does it actually mean?  Does it mean they're going to carve some time out in their diary, go into their best thinking space and put their brain exclusively to work on the issue at hand?  Yes,...

November 9, 2016

Like so many small business leaders, I found myself thrust almost accidentally into leadership.  My business Lucky Voice was founded almost exclusively around my initial efforts, and then as the workforce grew, it fell to me by default to ‘lead’ it.  Whatever that mean...

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