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My coaching

Has your business grown to the point where you're having to deal with the notion of leadership for the first time? Or have you taken on a chunk of external investment and given yourself a whole new level of challenge in the process? Or maybe you've just started running someone else's business. Or you're thinking about stepping back from yours...

During my 13 years as Managing Director of Lucky Voice, I experienced my fair share of those leadership reckonings and I'm passionate about coaching others through them and developing their leadership in the process.

At the core of my coaching practice is my belief in the possibility of powerful change, and I absorb, distil and share the best of human wisdom in order to enable that for my clients. I also adopt a holistic approach which recognises the significant importance of life factors beyond the business.

Above all, I create a space in which you can do your clearest and very best thinking. The coaching environment will bring forth your natural resourcefulness in both articulating your key challenges and evolving impactful solutions which were previously hidden from your view. My approach is straightforward and direct, yet warm and personable.

Nick Thistleton - Executive Coach
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